Friday, September 3, 2010

Returning from Tokyo

After having stayed almost three months in Tokyo working at Sou Fujimoto architecs I am now in Tacloban, Philipines. Tokyo have been a great experience, and I have learned a lot about architecture as well as other things. Living and working in Tokyo have really introduced me to a new way of understanding architecture and the prosess of making: Through models, drawings, CAD-drawings, sketches, consepts as well as design.

Some things about japanese culture I will never understand. I have had the possibility to meet a lot of wonderfull people, that made my stay in Tokyo special and I am sure I will be back some day. Working all day, eating lunch at the old lady, dinner at mos burger, izakayas at night, going to kamakura beach, blue note, watching hanabi in omotesando, sitting on the rooftop of Sakurah house.... Tokyo have been great! Thanks to all the staff at Sou Fujimoto, all the friend i made, the interns and Leika.

After three days of traveling i finally arrived in Tacloban meeting Erlend, Trond & Ivar. At the Old childrens park I got to meet all the wonderfull kids of Streethlight. I really am looking forward to start working!!!


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