Saturday, September 4, 2010

A new home for the childrens carrier-pigeons

Today the kids introduced us for their carrier pidgeons. These are pidgeons the kids have trained to bring letters and messages. Right now they have seven pidgeons that live in the three house, but they are planning to get more .

We have started preparations for the children centre, looking at the park and the context of the building. Hopefully we will manage to get a section as well as a measured plan of the building site within the next couple of days. But today goal was to arrange a small workshop to come up with ideas for the building of a new tree house for their pidgeons. Together we got together to make drawings and models of the new dovehouse. The kids are full of energy and ideas. And it was really fun working with them.

After Trond and the younger kids had been jumping on the tables, running around, playing airplane, transformers and so on we finally managed to make some sketches and talk together about what they want for the dovehouse. We got to the conclusion that the pidgeon needs a landing area, a roof, a place to sleep, a place where they eat and a ladder for the kids to climb up.

The older kids worked really focused and well, and by the end of the day they had built two of the ideas they came up with.


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