Saturday, December 4, 2010

Talking and taking responsibility

Todays subject was how the parents can continue the workshops and how to keep up the community spirit after we leave. The mothers and fathers are willing to take this responsibility and continue what they started. They will finnish the elementary school building, the high school and college building after we leave.

Another subject for todays workshop was how to take what they made on the previous workshop one step further. Walls, windows, tables, chairs, floor and lamps was dicussed and the topic was finnishing and material use. Manu Paing also suggested we should use the patong we got from Samar to make the floor for the study centre.

The plastering of the walls continued today. The boys really worked hard and didnt even want a break to get some pancit canton. Instead they continued plastering to finnish the wall. Hopefully everything is ready for monday so that we have time to mount the wooden roof structure next week. Salamat!!!

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