Sunday, November 21, 2010

Getting Pattong!

One of the fathers working with us has a family living in Samar. They are living in a small town that produce a lot of rice. It turns out they also have a lot of pattong growing in the jungle surrounding the rice fields. Recently we had a meeting with the fathers where they showed their interest in making a bamboo roof for the building, so we went to Nestors family to get some pattong (bamboo). We took the jeepney and went.

Home The home of Nestors sister

Uninvited we came to the house of nestors sister. It was a small traditional native house in the midle of a rice field. When we came she instantly stopped working and started preparing food for us. While she was preparing food we went to look for bamboo. There we met the rest of Nestors family. They also stoped doing what they were doing and joined us in cutting the bamboo. We were really impressed by these amazingly nice people.

Making the food Chicken soup and fresh rise from the rice fields

Playing with the food

Nestor and his family selected the best patong by the age and straightnes. Then we chopped them down and carried them to the jeepney. It was important to keep the leaves on so that when we put them in a copper sulfate solution it will be stronger.

The man himself chopping and carrying the bamboo to the Jeepney.

Patong The bamboo was so long that some wasn`t possible to carry by oneself.

We were so impressed by the kindnes of Nestors family. Thank you so much for the help! We`ll be back for more bamboo!

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