Friday, October 8, 2010

Lets make something together!

What to do? How to make a meeting place? Where should we make it?

Let`s make something together! Something in front of these coconut threes! We neet to make a place where we can discuss and exchange ideas about the study centre. A cinema, a place to gather and discuss the project! A screen that doesn't fall down because of strong winds or destroy the great view from the park. Let`s make something different!

Is this wood Lauan? Lets start with buying two beams. We could try to make a frame for the screen with these.

Walking around the market area next to Seawall together with the fathers we could find a lot of handmade ropes. These were a bit more expensive than the nylon ropes you could get in the big hardware stores. But these were made localy, outside the city of Tacloban. The fathers also knew some local stores next to seawall that sold different wooden materials. Is this something we could use to make the cinema?

Let`s focus! Where should we put the screen? How high should it be? What size?

But how big should the screen be, and how high up should we mount it? Let`s try it out with some coconut wood and ropes! Lets make a wall of ropes! Lets use the ropes and the wood to put up a frame between the coconut trees. Inside this one we`ll make a semi permeable wall of ropes.

We made 142 holes in the frame and connected the holes with 21 roles of abaka rope, equal to 171m of rope. This is fun!

Finlay, its almost finished! Oh no! It is raining, lets make a roof! How big does the roof have to be to cover all the kids? Waow, it looks like a classroom, is this a good size for the elementary school in the study center? Lets make a dummy for the study center in front of the cinema of abaka ropes.

The roof was covering a space of 32 square meters. This roofing could fit as many children as the old children center with the dimentions 7,5x7,5m. But it is not big enough for the estimated amount of kids in the new study center.

Eenie meenie! Let`s dance! Grooving to Sean Kinston with the speakers on max volume.

Let`s look at the pictures from the making of the cinema, dance and watch a movie. We`ll listen to Sean Kingston, Usher, Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo and Yiaz! And the later we`ll see a movie, "the Last Airbender."

The last Airbender! Considering that the screen would not bend away to the winds, it was a good choice of the kids to watch the last airbender.

This cinema will be used to show weekly updates about the development of the study center. Good night :)

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  1. The screen is susch a great idear !! How did you find that ? someone did already have the concept in mind ? ... sooo great !

    You are all doing great job there. Hope one day I'll do the same ^^