Thursday, September 23, 2010

Can you Dig it?

Digging and rediscovering an old pathway

Today we started working at eight o`clock. All five of the fathers met in time and we started digging. Todays goal was to clean and level the upper area of the building site. As the building site is located in an old park we also had to digg up some of the old foundations and pathways located in this area.

Discovering while digging, the kids were bussy studying all the bugs and animals that lived under the garbage and in the plastic bags under the ground.

The ground we were digging was not only consisting of soil, but also plastic bags, bottles, flip-flops, old clothes, rats, beatles, snakes and other unidentified objects. We sorted out the garbage from the dirt that was dug up before moving it to areas that we needed more soil.

Removing A huge pile of dirt dividing the building site into two areas.

Today was a fun experience and it was a nice opportunity for us to work together with the fathers. We are really looking forward to continuing with this. At five o`clock we finnished todays work.

Lets go! After experiencing the sun as well as realising what kind of insects was living in the soil, this will be tomorows dresscode. We are really looking forward to tell the fathers!

Thanks to everyone that helped out with todays work!

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